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Understand chemistry concepts through our real-world analogies.

Atomic theory explained by Lego analogy


Practice Problems

Practice solving problems to hone your skills.

Equation Balancing Problem

Can you balance this equation?

AlBr3 + K KBr + Al


Learn to solve chemistry problems using our simple instructions.

How to Draw Lewis-Dot Structures


How to Use This Website

It’s really simple. Follow these 3 steps:

Step 1: Understand

Find the concept you are having difficulty with from the list and click on the link. The link will direct you to an analogy that will help you understand the concept.

Step 2: Apply

Once you understand the concept, you can learn to apply the concept to solve problems in the instructions section.

Step 3: Practice

Practice makes perfect. Practice solving chemistry problems in the practice section so you will be a pro by exam day.

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